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Learn how Brad’s accident led to the creation of Amped Safety Innovations. 


Brad & Dawn Fore

Share the compelling story of Brad’s workplace accident and the strength it took to conquer the unimaginable consequences. On November 29, 2004 Brad fell 12 ½ feet and after an 11-day hospital stay he was released with an above knee amputation.

Brad & Dawn speak from the heart as they share the details of his accident and the life-altering impact it had on them. Their honesty and passion will leave everyone with a greater respect for life and the impact one event can have on so many people.

Their sincerity and unique ability to find the humor in any situation will have you laughing out loud one minute and crying the next. It is this down-to-earth approach that gives them the uncanny ability to relate to employees at any level.

Their story will leave everyone understanding that creating a safe work environment is about changing behaviors, not rules and regulations.


  • 45 – 90 minutes in length
  • Safety Presentations

  • Motivational Presentations
  • Educational Presentations

  • Diversity Presentations (focusing on disabled employees in the workplace)


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